Workout to The BEATS

The most fun and complete functional training workout ever!

The BEATS is a workout method made of two Master Classes (Cardio Beat and Body Beat) of high and low impact, functional training moves that follow the beat of incredible music
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The BEATS Workout


Is a low impact, full body, functional workout where you train strength and resistance with your own body weight. Inspired by Ballet and pilates, every move is focused on proper control and posture that will make you feel the burn. Watch your body transform while you Beat your Body to the music.

Cardio BEAT

Is a high impact, full body, functional workout where you train cardio core resistance using your own body weight with precise and explosive moves designed to elevate your heart rate, tone muscle and trigger a blasting slimdown action. We have created some amazing beating moves inspired by yoga, pilates and box. We will have you beating to incredible music while toning your body.

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The Beats Program

$ 495
mx / Month
  • Cardio BEAT
  • Body BEAT
  • Mini BEATS

The Beats - All Access

$ 595
mx / Month
  • Cardio BEAT
  • Body BEAT
  • Mini BEATS
  • Live Classes
  • BEATS Library (More than 70 workouts)


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What’s The BEATS?

The BEATS is a workout method made of two Master Classes: Cardio Beat and Body Beat. We follow the beat of incredible music with a mix of high and low, functional training moves that will give you a fun, full body and effective workout with better results physically and mentally.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I have never exercised before, can I workout with The BEATS?

OF COURSE! The BEATS classes are all levels and with practice and consistency you will quickly see your mind and body get stronger. Take it at your out pace and progressively add more intensity until you dominate the whole routine by the end of the month. Most of us never imagine what our bodies can do if we set out mind to it and in no time, you will begin to enjoy every workout!

I’m pregnant and want to workout with The BEATS, can I?

Yes, but always seek a health professional first to get a green light, then you are set to go! Even if you’ve never exercised before, The BEATS’ Method can be adapted to be low impact to avoid any uncomfy-ness while jumping or during any other move. It’s important you listen to your body so you adapt through your pregnancy stages.

Should I lose weight and then workout with The BEATS?

NO, START NOW! The BEATS’ Method is designed to loose sizes and weight faster. It’s important you accompany your workouts with healthy and balanced diet to get better, faster and sustained and permanent results. Everybody is different, but science show a balanced routine of healthy food and fitness helps you feel more energized and less anxious about decisions in the kitchen. With our BEATS’s Method, you will train your muscles to strengthen, tone and lean them out.